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3 Ways Annual Physical Exams Help Keep You Healthy

Sep 01, 2022
3 Ways Annual Physical Exams Help Keep You Healthy
Skipping out on your annual physical can increase your risk for chronic disease and set you up for more expensive medical bills in the long run. Learn what to expect during your exam and why yearly physicals are so important.

Annual physical exams should be an essential part of your preventive health care plan, even if you feel confident that you’re healthy. 

At MidCities Health, in Grapevine, Texas, Saba Shabnam, MD, FAAFP, offers yearly physicals in-office to evaluate your overall health. Dr. Shabnam can learn a lot about your physical and mental health needs during these routine exams, so we can provide the highest level of care.

What to know about annual physical exams

Annual physical exams are comprehensive health evaluations that you schedule even if you’re feeling well. These exams help us track changes in your health from one year to the next.

During a physical, Dr. Shabnam reviews your personal and family medical histories and discusses any concerns you have about your health. She also assesses your vital signs and takes note of your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature

You can also expect Dr. Shabnam to test your muscle strength and joint flexibility. She feels your abdomen for tenderness or swelling, which can signify internal health issues, and checks your skin for irregular moles or signs of infection.

Depending on your medical history and your existing health issues, we might also request blood work or additional diagnostic tests to ensure your body is functioning properly.

3 important benefits of routine physical exams

The purpose of annual physical exams is to identify potential health issues in the earliest stages when many conditions are easier to treat.

Physical exams also provide many other benefits, including:

1. Early diagnosis of chronic medical problems

Many chronic diseases don’t show symptoms until the condition advances. Having annual physicals and routine screenings allows us to identify underlying diseases or other health issues before you experience symptoms.

Early intervention of conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure ensures you receive the treatment you need without delays, so you can avoid long-term health complications.

2. Access to resources to prevent illness

Routine physicals help us understand more about your health, so we can provide the resources you need to maximize your wellness.

At your yearly physical, we ensure you’re up to date on vaccinations that protect you from measles, mumps, the seasonal flu, and other contagious diseases. We can also recommend weight loss strategies, diet modifications, and lifestyle changes you can use to stay healthy in the long term.

3. Opportunity to address your concerns

During your physical exam, you have the opportunity to discuss any questions you have about your health.

Since only you know how you feel, you should feel free to discuss any concerns you have about your physical or mental health. We offer a safe space for you to address anything that’s impacting your wellness. The information you share also helps us provide the personalized health care you deserve.

If you haven’t had a physical exam in over a year, it’s time to schedule one to protect your health. Call our MidCities Health office at (817) 510-9645 or request an appointment online today.